Lubricating Machinery

CS - 4200 Micro Quantitative Oil Mist Lubrication System


  • The oil is discharged from the center, and the oil consumption is low. The system is to pass the atomized lubricating fluid through the processing machine and through the main shaft. Pipes or pipes in CNC lathes deliver atomized lubricating fluids.
  • Apply the lubricating fluid to the cutting edge using the above method, use a nozzle or a tool with an oil hole, and use it together. It has good performance in deep hole processing.


System Loop



Model CS-4210 ETI CS-4215 ETI CS-4210 EPI CS-4215 EPI
Pressure 0.4 ~ 1.0 MPa 0.4 ~ 1.0 Mpa
Oil adjustment Manual setting Programmable setting
Internal pressure setting Manual setting Manual setting
Oil Vascomill 22 Vascomill 22
Capacity 1000 ml 1500 ml 1000 ml 1500 ml
Weight 5.5 kg 6.0 kg 5.6 kg 6.1 kg

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