Lubricating Machinery

PCI - 045A Programmable Cooling Systems Perspective


  • Automatic spray head swiveling for upgrading production efficiency.
  • Increased tool life and better part quality.
  • To save energy and improve operator safety.
  • To help create a cleaner and healthier environment.


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Model PCI - 045
Voltage DC 24 V
Maximum current 2 A
Mounting direction Right
Maximum angle 45 ˚
Minimum set angle 1 ˚
Set step number 30 Step
Coolant nozzles 2
Coolant specification Ø 4 X Ø 6 X 60 L
Ambient and media temperature -5 ˚ ~ 60 ˚
Housing material Aluminum alloy
Weight 2000 g


With the use of GN telescopic nozzle for improving the lubrication effect on a CNC machining center that uses the conventional air blast or MQL micrometric lubrication system. It allows the nozzle to approach the cutting tool for increasing cooling and lubrication efect. It addition it also effectively removes chips during machining, while upgrading tool life and machining efficiency.

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